Do Blinds Help with Insulation in the Summer?

In the summer, heat gain from the sun can cause your home to become unbearably hot. Running air conditioners all day can cause your electricity bills to skyrocket. Do blinds help with insulation? The answer is a resounding yes! Blinds can help you control your utility bills. However, some blinds work better than others.

do blinds help with insulation

How Blinds Can Help

Blinds can make your home more energy efficient. When the slats are completely closed, they may significantly reduce heat gain and help to keep the interior at a comfortable temperature.

The slats can be adjusted to control the amount of light and heat entering a room. If the blinds have horizontal slats, they can be adjusted so light that enters is reflected onto a light-colored ceiling. That can allow you to let natural light into the room without heating it up too much or having excessive glare.

Blinds can provide other benefits. They can give you privacy when you want it and can improve the appearance of your home so you can make a positive impression on guests.

How to Choose New Blinds

The type of blinds you choose will affect the amount of insulation they provide and the amount of money you will save on air conditioning costs. When shopping for blinds, compare their R-values, which measure how well a material resists heat flowing through it. Blinds with a higher R-value have greater heat resistance and insulate better than ones with a lower R-value.

Schedule an Appointment to Explore Your Options

Knox Blinds offers a wide array of well-crafted blinds made from aluminum, faux wood, and real hardwood. New blinds can help with insulation and save you money in the summer. We also offer motorized blinds that can be easily adjusted using a remote control so you can have the amount of light and heat you want at any given time. Since our blinds are made with durable materials and expertly crafted, you won’t need to replace them as soon as you might have to replace blinds from another company.

There are many styles and materials available, which can make shopping for blinds confusing. That is why we offer in-home consultations. Contact us at (865)544-8339 to schedule an appointment.