How to Choose the Right Window Treatments for Kitchen Privacy

Kitchen window privacy is important. You may not be comfortable knowing that your neighbors or passersby can see what you and your family are doing in the kitchen. You may not want people to know whether you and your children are home, or whether your kids are alone. Another common concern is that burglars could see valuables in your home and return later to break in. The right windows treatments can provide security and peace of mind.

Should You Install Kitchen Blinds or Shutters?

Blinds can give you the privacy you need and allow you to let in natural light whenever you want it. If you choose horizontal blinds, you will be able to adjust the slats to control the amount of light that enters the kitchen while blocking the view of the interior.

At Knox Blinds, we offer blinds that are expertly crafted from high-quality materials, including aluminum, faux wood, and real hardwood. They are built to last, which means they may be a better investment than blinds you might purchase from another store or online.

Plantation shutters can be shut completely so that no one will be able to see what you and your family are doing in the kitchen. You will be able to adjust the louvres to let natural light enter the kitchen while maintaining your privacy. Plantation shutters can improve your kitchen’s aesthetic appeal. In addition, they won’t take up any space in your work area, since they are installed in window recesses.

Knox Blinds sells durable plantation shutters with mortise and tenon joints that help them withstand the forces that are produced when they are opened and closed. We offer shutters made from wood, vinyl, and MDF composite.

Meet with a Consultant to Discuss Window Treatment Options

When choosing blinds or shutters for kitchen window privacy, it’s important to carefully weigh your options. The number of window treatments available and the array of styles can make the selection process feel overwhelming. That is why Knox Blinds offers free in-home consultations. A representative can meet with you at a convenient time. We’ll discuss your needs and preferences and help you make the right choice. Call (865)544-8339 to schedule an appointment.

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