Why You Should Order Window Treatments Locally from Knox Blinds

blinds and shutters Strawberry Plains TN

If you need new window treatments for your home, you have many options. Knox Blinds is an excellent source for blinds and shutters Strawberry Plains TN.

Reasons to Order Locally

If you order blinds or shutters online without seeing the products in person first, you may be disappointed when they arrive. You may find that the color is not quite the same as the picture or that the actual design is a little bit different than it appeared online. You may find that even though the picture was accurate, the blinds or shutters don’t work as well in your home as you thought they would. Even if you see products in a store showroom before placing an order, it may be difficult to envision how they would look in your home.

Knox Blinds offers free in-home consultations so customers can see window treatments in person and compare the colors to the décor in their home. Meeting with a consultant also allows customers to discuss their needs and preferences and to ask questions before making a decision so they can save time and money.

Window Treatments Available from Knox Blinds

We offer blinds made with faux wood, real hardwood, and aluminum. Our blinds are well crafted and durable, which means you won’t have to replace them as soon as you might have to replace blinds from one of our competitors. We also offer motorized blinds that can be opened and closed with a remote control.

Plantation shutters can be installed on virtually any type of windows, as well as on sliding glass doors and French doors. Knox Blinds sells shutters made with real wood, vinyl, and MDF composite. They are manufactured with mortise and tenon joints for durability.

Schedule a Consultation

The window treatments you select for your home will affect people’s first impressions, so you should choose them carefully. Shopping online or in a store may seem convenient, but you might be disappointed when the products arrive if you have not had an opportunity to look at them in your home and to have all your questions answered before ordering. With Knox Blinds, you can speak to a professional consultant so you can make the right decision the first time. Contact us at (865)544-8339 to schedule an appointment for an in-home consultation.